Members Listserv Instructions

Our listserv is an email group that includes all club members who wish to be in the group. In addition, non-members may join the listserv to read only. For the benefit of everyone and the enjoyment of all, please follow the rules below.

To send an e-mail to the entire subscriber list of SEBC listserv, mail to:

You must send from an email address that is already subscribed to the SEBC listserver. You are given the option to have your name added to the list when you join SEBC.

We would like you to receive posts because we want you:

Each message will come with [SEBC] pre-pended to the SUBJECT line.

Our listserv is hosted by Yahoo Groups. To view the web page for Express Bicycle Club (SEBC) listserve, click here.


The listserv is the only way SEBC has to reach its members.

Please use SUBJECT lines that are descriptive, unique, and specific in nature. Describe (succinctly) "what, where, when, deadline."

When replying to a post, please distinguish between sending your reply to the entire list, or just the post-er. (You can do either or both).

The listserv will not deliver attached files or embedded images.

Notices posted must be specific to the club and its activities. Notices posted may include committee business announcements, rides and trips, late-breaking news about scheduled rides and trips, requests related to scheduled rides and trips such as carpool plans, and certain political notices. (Political notices are welcome if related to bicycling.)

Notices posted must be non-commercial in nature.

Notices posted should not contain anyone's personal information unless they have agreed to it in advance.

Notices posted should not contain defamatory, inciteful, discriminatory, or primarily hateful language, even if the politics rile you up.

To change your e-mail address or to unsubscribe, use this website's "contact us" form.